Autistic man takes 15 minute flight around NYC and then draws the entire city by memory

New York City has one of the most impressive and most easy to recognize skylines in the entire world. The skyscrapers, the complexity of the buildings, and the abundance of beautiful scenery makes NYC one of the most fabulous cities in the world. The city has often been source of inspiration for artists of all sorts, but recreating the city’s beauty and charm is not an easy task. Drawing the entire city by merely tapping into your memory for inspiration seems impossible.
Stephen Wiltshire, a 33-year-old autistic artist, however, managed to do just that. The man lives in NYC and says it is his favorite city in the entire world. His condition makes him see the world differently. His attention to detail and incredible memory combined with his extraordinary talent helps him achieve incredible things.
The man managed the extraordinary performance of drawing NYC’s skyline from his memory after taking a flight above the city.
The British architectural artist needed several days to complete the entire work of art, but the results are definitely impressive. NYC is not the only city he’s managed to draw by memory. He also drew Singapore and Dubai. His drawings were based entirely from memory after viewing the cities from a helicopter ride.

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