Ashton Kutcher has saved 6000 victims from human trafficking, says they all have 1 thing in common

We all know Ashton Kutcher from the movies, but what not a lot of people know about him is that he’s actually extremely passionate about solving one of the biggest problems the world is facing nowadays, namely human trafficking.
Kutcher founded an organization alongside former wife Demi Moore while they were still together meant to help find human trafficking and child victims and their abusers. Called Thorn, the organization has already helped more than 6,000 victims.
The focus of the organization is online trafficking. To stop this, they are building digital tools. Considering the purchase and commerce for human trafficking are in large part happening online, it’s essential to build efficient digital tools to fight back against it.
And this is just the beginning for Kutcher. In a recent interview you can see in the video below, he said this: “Our next battle, my next commitment…I’m going to make a pledge that I’m going to eliminate child from the internet.”
This is definitely a side of Ashton Kutcher we don’t see very often, but it’s sure a nice surprise to see that one of the most famous people in Hollywood today has interests that could actually make a difference for the better in the world we all live in.

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