This Artist Makes Sculptures Out Of Doll Parts Because That’s Just How the World Is Now

Most people would agree that art is pretty subjective. What may look beautiful and artsy to someone might look like complete garbage to others. In some ways, that’s what makes art so fascinating, the fact that it can always be subject to interpretation.
Now, art comes in all shapes and sizes. Although many people think something must meet certain criteria to be called a work of art, the truth is that artists have all kind of peculiar ways of expressing their ideas.
Australia-based artist Freya Jobbins has a more unconventional approach when it comes to art and expressing her artistic self. Freya creates sculptures that many people find to be extremely bizarre, much due to the materials Freya uses to create his sculptures: old doll parts.
Millions of unwanted toys are discarded each year, so Freya decided to recycle these toys that no one wants anymore and create something new out of it. The artist combines a variety of influences to create her one-of-a-kind artwork made from a variety of toy parts. Combining all those different toy parts is bound to lead to a strange result!
Still, many people appreciate Freya’s sculptures because they are truly unique. Freya mainly creates random human faces using the doll parts, but her sculptures also include one of Star Wars villain Darth Vader and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character
Even though you might not be tempted to buy one of these sculptures and put them on display in your living room where you spend time with your family and entertain guest, you have to admit this is not the kind of thing you see every day.
Well, art is weird sometimes. I guess we should all just deal with it.








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