Army Vet Drops To His Knees In Shock When He’s Surprised with Service Dog

If you have ever had a dog, then you know they are more than just pets. Many people treat their dogs as if they were humans, and it’s really no surprise why. Dogs are our companies, our friends, our confidents. They are part of the family.
Dogs can make such a huge difference for the better in our lives. The stakes are even higher in the case of people who have suffered an injury and for whom a dog could mean the chance to lead a more independent, happier life.
Retired Army Sergeant Luciano Yulfo had been wanting to get a service dog for a really long time after having suffered a combat injury that dramatically affected his mobility and his quality of life. Unfortunately, the waiting list for getting a trained dog is quite long.
But just when Luciano had started to lose hope, he got the surprise of a lifetime and was given a beautiful service dog that is fully trained to assist him in his day-to-day life – and shower him with kisses.
It all happened during a sports’ event where the sergeant had been invited as a guest of honor. There is no way you can watch this and not get tears in your eyes. .

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