Architect buys old, abandoned cement factory, transforms it into a breathtaking home

Can you imagine living in an abandoned cement factory? I know it’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a home.
However, the amazing architect in the video below could not only envision living in a factory, but he actually turned his imagination into reality, and the result is truly something you need to see to believe.
Ricardo Bofill fell in love with the old cement factory as soon as he saw it. As a young architect wanting to change the world, he was inspired by the rough beauty of the building and decided to use his creativity to give the place a new life.
The process took about two years, during which time, Ricardo turned 30 silos, 4,000 meters of underground galleries and a 105-meter smoke stack into a gorgeous home with a one-of-a-kind design.
The transformation was largely a process of destruction. Destroying 22 of the 30 silos, the architect searched for hidden forms in the architectural structures of abandoned factor. Ricardo describes the whole process as “a work of sculpture in concrete.”
This is Ricardo Bofill giving an exclusive tour of the 5,000-square feet former cement factory outside Barcelona that he is now proud to call his home.

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