These Animal Make Uncomfortable Sleeping Seem Cute

If you’ve ever tried to sleep during a flight, then you know how uncomfortable sleeping feels like. There’s nothing worse than feeling exhausted and not having a decent bed to sleep in. I’ve always envied (read hated) people who can sleep anywhere, anytime.
I’ve seen people sleep while standing in four arms next to a wall, I’ve seen people sleep all curled up in a single seat on a bus. And I’ve always wondered how in the world they can do it.
I guess it takes a lot of flexibility or a really high tolerance to pain to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime. Or a really big glass of wine. That should do it too, I guess.
Or maybe these people have their pets that teach them how to make uncomfortable sleeping comfortable. You see, animals have come to master sleeping in uncomfortable sleep positions. Cats can basically contort their bodies so they can fit anywhere, and dogs are known to be able to sleep even if they heads are handing off the couch.
In fact, animals have gotten so good at sleeping in what we perceive as being uncomfortable positions that they actually make it look adorable.
If you can’t even get a good night’s sleep in your own bed, and you’re constantly tossing and turning at night, then you’re going to think these images are pretty unbelievable. And you’re probably going to get a bit jealous on these animals that have absolutely no problems sleeping in some of the weirdest positions ever seen.









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