Unlikely Animal Friendships That Will Warm Your Heart

You’ve probably realized by now that having good friends is one of the greatest achievements in life. Whether we realize it or not, we need friends in our life to be happy. I know that many people will argue against it and say that the only thing you really need is yourself, but nobody wants to be that lonely guy at the bar who’s drinking all by himself on a Friday night, right?
We need friends in our lives not just so that we have someone to drink with and share the good times in our lives, but also because it’s always better if you have someone to share your sorrows with as well.
There are many important perks of friendship that go way beyond the social aspect as well. For instance, some studies have suggested that people who have friends are more likely to have a sharp mind and be more confident.
But how do you choose your friends?
Unlike your family, you can choose who your friends are, and that ultimately says a lot about your own personality and character. Animals seem as if they’ve found the secret to forming happy friendships, and the only criteria they seem to have when selecting their friends is that they have no criteria.
Unlike some humans, animals don’t make any judgments when it comes to making friends. So maybe that’s the secret – keeping an open heart and an open mind, and choosing friends that are different from us, instead of those who share the same views and passions.
Nature is full of examples of unlikely friendships between animals. Here are some pictures that show some of the best ones.











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