Angry Mother Sprays Kids with Water Bottle in Store. See How Grandma Takes Immediate Action

There is no denying that all kids need discipline, but it’s important for parents to use the correct methods to set behavior expectations for their children. It’s never okay to humiliate or physically hurt a child to “teach him or her a lesson.”
Not only are these methods ineffective in the long run, but they can also have devastating consequences that affect that child’s entire life.
It’s up to every parent to find the best ways to teach their children how to behave appropriately, but what do you do when you see another parent abusing their child in an attempt to discipline them?
The producers from the popular show called “What Would You Do” wanted to get an answer to that question and find out how other people would react to seeing a mother spray water bottle as punishment when her children misbehave.
And with the help of a few experienced actors and a clever script, they managed to get their answers. If you want to find out what regular people who witnessed the abusive scene had to say about the woman’s inappropriate behavior, then all you have to do is watch the video below.
I have to say, some people’s reactions really took me by surprise.

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