Angelic Choir Sings Beautiful Song Of Praise, 2 Minutes In Little Girl Chimes In And Steals The Show

What can be more beautiful than a choir singing an inspiring song about the grace and beauty we are all surrounded by at all times? Well, there’s only thing that could make things better and that is if that choir was formed entirely out of talented children who have the voices of angels.
By watching the video below, you’ll get to hear he One Voice Children’s Choir perform “Glorious” at Millennial Falls in Draper, Utah, and the experience is likely to bring tears to your eyes.
For those of you who don’t know this yet, Glorious is a song written by David Archuleta who is the runner-up on the seventh season of American Idol. Originally, the song was produced to be featured on a Church-backed documentary called Meet the Mormons.
But now let’s get back to this angelic choir of children. The One Voice Children’s Choir is a non-profit organization meant to give as many children as possible the chance to cultivate an appreciation for music.
What’s more, the organization also provides them a platform to showcase their talents and be among other kids who share the same passion for music.
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