Andrea Bocelli Delivers Hauntingly Beautiful Performance Of Favorite Song In The Colosseum

Nobody sings like Andrea Bocelli sings. The Italian tenor has conquered the hearts of millions of fans from across the world with his incredible voice that serves as the perfect instrument for heavenly songs such as “Ave Maria.”
Bocelli performed the song in 2009 in a one-of-a-kind location, the Colosseum in Rome, as part of a 90-minute concert meant to help earthquake victims. The result is as magical as you imagine it to be.
Bocelli’s voice filled the entire space, and those who were lucky enough to experience the moment in person say it was a performance like they’ve never seen before. There’s no one in the world who can sing this powerful song like Andrea Bocelli. His voice complements the song beautifully.
And the fact that it all took place in such an iconic building in the world is the icing on the cake. So take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to experience this moment properly.
Stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath, sit comfortably on your chair before you hit play. Then close your eyes, and let the sound of music fill your heart with joy and peace.

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