Amish School Teacher Is Tired of Her Look. Shows Off Transformation & Leaves Room Speechless

Sarah, the young woman you are just about to meet by watching the video below, is 21 years old, and spent her entire life embracing the Amish way of life. In many ways, this was the perfect lifestyle for her, as it involves less stress and a care free day-to-day life.
The only thing that didn’t quite appeal to her personality was the wardrobe and hairstyle that characterizes the Amish community. As she made her way into adulthood, Sarah needed a change when it comes to her appearance, so she decided to start with her hair.
With the help of a professional stylist from Glamour Magazine, Sarah transformed her look and changed her outdated haircut with a modern, youthful cut that enhanced her natural beauty. She decided to go with a lighter color that was more appropriate for her age as well.
In addition to getting a new haircut, Sarah got to enjoy a complete glam makeover that also include a professional makeup session.
You won’t believe how Sarah looks like now. It’s like she is an entirely different person! If you’re the kind of person who loves a good makeover every once in a while, this is the video for you.

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