Amazing elderly Cubs fan plans to celebrate the World Series with Jagermeister

The say age is nothing but a number definitely seems to suit the woman in the video below perfectly. A reporter took her an interview, and the result is going viral!
You see, Dorothy is a lovely elderly Chicago Cubs fan and bought her tickets in the front row at Wrigley Field more than thirty years ago. Since then, she’s been coming to every game, sitting in that exact same place. Now, that’s what you would call a loyal fan!
Dorothy has seen a lot during all this time, but the most exciting game is still to come. When the Cubs beat the Dodgers in Game 6 of the NLCS to win the pennant, Dorothy was in the stands rooting for her favorite team.
A reporter from Fox Sports news caught up with her after the game and asked her a few questions. Some of her responses left him (and everybody else who witness the moment) hoping he will be at least half as cool as she is when he’ll be her age. When asked how she will celebrate Saturday night, Dorothy said, “Oh, who knows — I’ll probably have a Jagermeister.” Can we join, Dorothy?
Enjoy the full interview below.

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