Air Force vet saves girl from Hurricane Katrina. 10 years later, she asks him to the ROTC ball

As an Air Force airmen, Sergeant Maroney has rescued a lot of people from dramatic, dangerous situations. He’s been through a lot and seen a lot of things he would rather not remember. But about of all the things he’s experienced, out of all the people he’s rescued during his impressive career, there’s one little girl who stuck with him.
The man met her more than a decade ago during a rescue mission following the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina. Then, Maroney saved a little girl and her family from certain death. Someone even took a photo that shows the little girl giving Maroney a big hug.
Now, it’s very uncommon for rescuers to keep in touch with the people they help. That’s because most of those people are unconscious when they get rescued, so they never actually get to meet the hero who saved them.
However, Master Sergeant Mike Maroney and the girl he rescued more than a decade ago, LaShay Brown, are a beautiful exception. They got to reconnect after all this time, thanks to the power of social media. This is definitely the kind of stories we should share more. You know what to do!

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