Afros Turned Into Flowery Galaxies To Make Black Women Proud Of Their African Heritage

Whether we are talking about glossy magazines, TV shows, or commercials, the afro comb is a hairstyle that we hardly see anywhere. Because of this, many women are spending a lot of money on chemical relaxers to strengthen their natural hair so that it looks more like those of the models and actresses that are featured in the media.


Other wear wigs or weaves to cover up their natural hair. It’s not anyone’s right to judge these women’s decision.
However, can you think of a good reason why afro hair is not better represented in the media? After all, the afro comb is more than a fashionable trend, it is a statement. African hair is extremely versatile and beautiful. There are endless hairstyles to choose from. But as I’ve said before, many women are using whatever available means to make their hair do what it wasn’t meant to do in the first place.




Visual artist Pierre Jean-Louis is showing his appreciation for women who are willing to embrace their African heritage and who take pride in their hair. The artist creates incredible portraits of black women by turning their afros into cosmic flower fields. She says she started the series as a way to let women know how much she appreciates them rocking their natural hair.

Pierre Jean-Louis mostly finds these incredible women who are comfortable showing off their natural beauty on Instagram. From then on, the process really taps into the artist’s creativity and photography skills.
The results are stunningly beautiful, and the message it embodies is even better. All women should feel comfortable with the way they look. Loving yourself for who you really are and being confident is sexier than any style trend.


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