Adorable kitten tries to wake up sleeping dog… Now watch what happens instead — SO CUTE!

Looking at the video below, the say that dogs and cats can never be friends with each other starts to lose meaning. Many of us are used to cats and dogs not getting along. After all, there are endless videos online that show cats scratching dogs’ faces or dogs chasing cats up trees. Well, these images prove that there are certain exceptions to the rule.
The cat and dog in the video below are anything but enemies – and it’s most likely the cutest thing you’ll see all day. While the dog is taking an afternoon nap, the cat makes sure her canine friend only dreams sweet dreams. The feline can’t get enough of kissing and hugging her friend. At one point, she tries to wake her friend up so that they can play together.
After a while, tough, she gets tired, and gently curls up next to him to join him for a nap. The cat makes sure she is close enough to him to keep him warm. Then, a cuddle session begins and it’s surely something you’ll want to see to believe.
I can’t get enough of this adorable pair! Check it out!

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