Adorable Coats That Turn Children Into Animals

As a mom, you have a lot of fun picking out cute outfits for your kids. It’s a period you have to take advantage of because it will come a time when kids will no longer let you pick their clothes for them; they will be the one making the fashion choices for themselves.
Nat and Naomi, two extremely creative full time moms, wanted to take things to the next level, and decided to try and create their own clothes for their kids. The two women have become an Internet sensation after the super adorable children clothes they make have started to gain the attention of Internet users. The clothes turn kids into little foxes, bears, rabbits and other animals – and it’s as adorable as it sounds.
The clothes they create are available for purchase on Etsy under the name Olive and Vice. The two moms named their shop after their kids, of course. But although the clothes are becoming more and more popular online, these two moms didn’t start their business to turn in a large profit. The main reason for creating clothes is because they love what they do.
”I NEVER tire of making fox cub ears!” wrote one of the moms. They are especially excited about this fall season, because they think their coats are “the snuggliest way to accessorize this Halloween.” Well, there’s no arguing against that.
If you have a niece, a nephew, a granddaughter, grandson, or kids of your own, these clothes will make a delightful gift for the upcoming holidays.
These coats are so adorable! Take a look:






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