A Hiker Got Lost In the Alps, But Was Led To Safety By This Mysterious Cat

For as long as I can remembered dogs have been seen as being men’s best friends. Well, hold your horses because things are starting to change.
A mysterious cat is giving dogs a run for their money and making big progress when it comes to changing dog lovers’ perception about cats. The story made news after a Hungarian man shared an extraordinary story on Reddit about a cat that most likely saved his life. The man was enjoying a beautiful vacation in the Alps when it all happened.
The hiker had strained his ankle after he fell during a climb. To make matters worse, he also ended up getting lost due to an unexpected route closure. The man was having a hard time finding his way back to the town of Gimmelwald, Switzerland where he was staying with his group of friends.
Uncertain of how exactly he is going to get himself out of this possibly dangerous situation, the man was started to feel pretty tired and like he was running out of options.
According to a Reddit post he made earlier last week, that was the moment when a mysterious black and white cat came his way. The cat looked as if she was merely wandering away, but as soon as he spotted the man, she approached him as if she was trying to help.
The man ended up following the cat all the way back to the town. In fact, it was the cat that led the way.
The crazy part is that other people who saw his post came forward and claimed to have experienced the same eerie encounter. Could this cat be the feline version of a Good Samaritan?
Well, maybe it’s time to give cats some more credit.

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