9-Week-Old Baby Grows Bouffant Hair (Photos)

A full head of hair… It’s something both men and women want. Well, this adorable baby has won the hair lottery. Although, he is barely two months old, this baby already has a full head of hair that would make any anchorman green with envy. And guess what? The baby’s mom is actually a hairdresser. So she’s pretty much got the dream child.
Baby Junior Cox-Noon was born on July 30 at Brighton General Hospital, and he is already worldwide famous. And it’s all because his hair. While most babies are born with thin hair, this baby is breaking all kinds of records with his thick, shiny hair.
The baby was born having a lot of hair, but according to the boy’s mom: “All the midwives and health visitors said it would fall out because baby hair usually comes out when they rub their head on the back of the cot.” However, the baby hasn’t lost any of it. In fact, his hair actually grew ticker.
Images and videos showing his incredible hair have gone viral all over the world.
Still, his mom says she has no explanation for the baby’s luscious hair, considering nobody in their extended family has ever been born having a full head of hair.
The baby actually looks like he has a wig on and it’s totally adorable. Baby Junior has become an Internet sensation basically overnight, but he’s still too young to understand why everybody’s making such a big deal out of his hair.
He is just a regular, happy kid, but his mom makes sure that is hair is well taken care of. Check out these adorable images, and try not to be a little jealous of his gorgeous hair!






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