9 cops step onstage, surprise crowd with their incredible hip-hop dance moves

Generally speaking, police officers always act professional, which in their line of work, means they often have to keep a straight face and act formal. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t also have a different side.
At the end of the day, police officers are just regular people who earn a living doing things that might seem unusual to us. Just like most people, they like to have a good time, relax and enjoy life.
The staff members in New Zealand Police, for example, love to dance in their spare time with friends and family. In fact, they decided to share their passion with people in the online community and posted a video showcasing their dancing skills.
The clip became an online sensation, so the police officers felt encouraged to pursue their passion for dancing even further. The clip below shows them compete in the Hip Hop Unite New Zealand National Championships in Wellington. Their moves are impressive and it’s obvious that they are having a great time being on stage and sharing their energy with the audience!
This is definitely not something you see every day, so make sure to take a look and then don’t forget to share as well.

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