88-year-old’s devastated when wife passes away, honors wife by making blankets for kids in need

Most of us dream about getting older alongside the love of our life. Some lucky people actually get to live the dream, not only fantasize about it. Clayton and his wife Dolores were among those lucky few who manage to build a life with their soulmates. During the many years they’ve been married, they created millions and millions of beautiful memories together.
Even during more difficult moments in their lives, they always knew they can rely on one another to overcome challenges easier. So when Dolores unfortunately passed away in May 2015, Clayton was devastated. He couldn’t imagine going on without his life-long partner by his side.
So he started thinking of a way he could feel like his wife is still a part of his life. That’s how he came with the brilliant idea of making blankets for kids in need. Knitting was one of his wife’s favorite things to do, so this was the perfect way to honor her memory and also help out.
So Clayton learned how to knit and although it was pretty hard in the beginning, he kept going, always with Dolores in mind. Now, the man has actually got pretty good at it. Take a look:

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