8 Beautiful Girls Quietly Form a Line, Then Wow the Internet with Intricate Moves

Not many people know this about him, but famous singer Ed Sheeran actually has quite a few relatives back in Ireland. In fact, his grandparents were born there. Now we know where he gets that gorgeous red hair and joyful smile, right?
Ed has always taken great pride in his Irish heritage, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ed has a large fan base back in Ireland. Among these fans are members of a group of talented Irish dancers.
In honor of the singer’s Irish heritage, these exquisite dancers created an amazing choreography to some of Ed Sheeran’s best songs, and the result is a viral video that you’ll want to watch over and over again.
Dressed in beautiful costumes, the girls executed the dance to perfection in a gorgeous Irish seaside setting, while always keeping a large smile on their faces. You won’t believe how fast their legs are moving while performing this intricate dance.
It looks simple, but there are hundreds of hours of practice behind a dance of this kind. Just think about how many moves the dancers had to remember and you’ll start to get a better of understanding of the amount of work involved here.


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