7-Year-Old Records Message To Bully On Facebook, Then Bikers Knock On Her Door To Protect Her

For a 7-year-old, life should be easy, right? I mean, other than the occasional small arguments with parents for a bad grade, and having to do homework almost every single day, there shouldn’t be any problems that a kid at that age should encounter. That would normal.
Unfortunately, normality has different meaning for many kids these days. Kids as young as 7-year-old live in constant fear due to bullies who harass them at school and make their lives a living nightmare. Millions of children across the world wake up each morning feeling terrified to go to school because of these bullies.
And despite schools’ and parents efforts, bullying is still a major concern in many cities across the nation. Despite being a first-grader, Ashley Wastakiewicz is already a victim of bullying.

For more than a year, she has been dealing with an ongoing struggle and reached a point when she felt nobody really cares for her. Help came from an unlikely place, at a time when she least expect it.
A group of bikers helped restore her confidence and her sense of security, and the girl’s life took a turn for the better ever since. Here’s more about this incredible story!

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