5-Year-Old Calls 911 For Dad, But It’s Her Hilarious Confession to Dispatcher That’s Gone Viral

As a little kid, your parents seem unbreakable to you, right? They seem like they can do anything and nothing can ever hurt them. So you can imagine how scared the little girl in the video below must have felt when her daddy suddenly collapsed to the ground and couldn’t breathe or speak properly.
Many other kids in her situation would have most likely just ran away, but not this little girl. Five-year-old Savannah decided to step in and help his daddy, so she grabbed the phone and called 911. The conversation Savannah had on that day with the 911dispatcher was recorded, as it happens with all emergency conversation via the 911 system.
The way the little girl is trying to communicate that his dad has a medical emergency is both endearing and intense. You can hear the fact that the girl is worried in her speech, but the way she describes her dad’s condition is exactly what you would expect from an innocent kid her age.
Also, the fact that from time to time Savanah stops to reassure her dad and tell him that help is coming is totally sweet and adorable.
Luckily, nothing bad happened to Savannah’s dad. You can listen to the entire conversation in the video below.

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