5-Year-Old Boy Weeps Uncontrollably As He Recalls The Story Of The Day He Saved His Father’s Life

The little boy in the video below is only 5-years-old but he is brave well beyond his years. And despite his young age, the boy named Xander has already deserved to be called a hero for his unbelievable actions that saved the life of his father.
It all started on a day that seemed just like any other. The boy’s dad, James, was out in the yard driving a tractor, and Xander offered to help out. The boy went inside to grab a jacket, and when he came back, he saw something that would choke anyone up.
A tree branch had fallen over his father; leaving him unconscious in a puddle of blood. Somehow, Xander managed to remain calm and ran to find a neighbor who could alert the authorities for him. Within minutes, James was airlifted to the nearest hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion, multiple broken bones and a fractured spine.
Despite his extensive injuries, James managed to make a full recovery and was able to attend the ceremony where his son was awarded for his actions. This is Xander telling the story of how he saved his dad during the special award ceremony:

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