Lost horse trapped and dying in the snow, heroic thrill seeker quickly takes action

Rafael Pease wanted to do something special for his 21st birthday that involved more than just hitting the bars and getting wasted. So he went out to ride some fresh powder in Chile. The young man loves to snowboard, so to him, this was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. Little did he know that his birthday will turn out to be one of the most special so far. That’s because he got to be a hero!
Rafael found a stranded horse stuck in the snow. That’s when his plans of spending the entire day enjoying the fresh snow changed. The man realized the horse needed immediate help, so without giving it a second thought, he swiftly moved to action.
The man had his Go Pro camera with him, so he managed to get the whole rescue operation on camera. The images show just show just how difficult it was for him to help the horse out of the thick snow that was about four feet deep
This is definitely the kind of videos that should go viral more often. They are thrilling, exciting, and show off the great qualities we as humans possess.

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