36 Toy Soldiers Form A Line On Stage, Crowd Can’t Believe Their Eyes As They Begin To Move In Unison

The toy soldier nutcracker has become somewhat of a Christmas symbol. We can see these figurines in stores everywhere and many of us like to decorate our homes for the holidays using different representations of it.
Well, even if you are not a fan of these toy soldiers, you will definitely be able to appreciate the incredible performance in the video below. No less than 36 skilled dancers joined forces to create a memorable Christmas routine that almost looks too perfect to be true.
Dressed in impeccable toy soldiers’ outfits completed with feathered-hats and flawless make-up, the soldiers move in a perfect synchronized way that actually makes them look like they run on batteries and were programmed to execute certain moves.
Their movements are in perfect unison as they go from one part of the stage to the other to create different configurations and groupings.
Their performance kept the audience engaged throughout the routine – and you’ll understand why as soon as you watch the clip yourself. It’s not every day that you get to see a performance of this level, so make sure to give others the chance to see it too by sharing it online.


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