2 Teens Go Thrift Store Shopping, Their Jaws Drop When They Stumble Upon Find Of A Lifetime

Most teens shop at the mall, but unlike other kids their age, Talia Rappa and Skyler Ashworth would much rather spend their money on bargains they can find in thrift shops. That’s because thrift shopping is not only a lot cheaper than mall shopping, but you actually find unique things that you know nobody else is going to have.
But not even Talia and Skyler could have anticipated finding the kind of gem they came across when shopping one day at a Salvation Army store. As they were looking through the piles of clothes, the two came across a piece of fabric that immediately caught their eyes.
Believe it or not, the two teens were lucky enough to come across several NASA suits that belonged to astronauts and were actually worn in space. The teens only paid 20 cents for each one of the suits, but they are worth so much more.
And the best part is that the suits are 100% genuine. Tests revealed that the blue spaceflight suits were personally assigned to and worn by astronauts Robert A. Parker, Charles D. Walker, and George D. Nelson.
These types of suits are usually kept in museums, so are you curious to find out how did they end up in a thrift store? Watch this video to find out:

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