In 2 seconds, this simple trick will tell you if your batteries are dead or not

We all have batteries in all sort of devices around our homes. This means that, at some point or another, we’ve all been in that situation of not knowing which battery is out whenever we had a battery die on a remote control or any other kind of device that requires a battery.
More often than not, you’ve probably ended up throwing the whole set of batteries used to power your devices because you didn’t know which one was dead. Well, there’s just a waste of money. Sure, you could use a special tool to measure the capacity left in each one of your battery but that typically involves more effort on your part.
The good news is there’s a better way of doing things, and it doesn’t require any fancy tool or special device. The video below will teach you a simple trick that will tell you if your batteries are dead or not in a matter of seconds.
This trick only takes a couple of minutes to master, and you’ll be able to put it into practice whenever you need to measure how much life there’s left in your batteries.
Definitely wished I’d knew this sooner.

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