2 Kids Nervously Walk Onstage, Immediately Take Everyone’s Breath Away Singing ‘The Prayer’

Noelle and Ryland are two regular kids with an extraordinary talent. Despite their young age, the two already sound like professional artists who have years and years of experience on stage.
Noelle and Ryland’s careers actually started in their family’s living room where they would often sing Christian music for their family and friends who were all in awe of their talent.
For Noelle and Ryland, singing was something that started out of their passion for music. They never expected to do anything professionally, but their talent didn’t go unnoticed, and now the two perform on much bigger stages in front of hundreds of people.
But they still remain just two sincere and innocent souls who have a tremendous talent and a burning passion for music. In the video below, you can listen to them perform a version of “The Prayer,” a song Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion made famous through their exquisite duo.
These two still have a long way to go until they match the performance of Bocelli and Dion, but they are surely on the right track! If you enjoyed this rendition as much as we think you did, then make sure to hit that Share button.

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