2 Contractors Take Break On Job Site, Sing Josh Groban Classic And People Can’t Believe Their Ears

Talent can be found in places where you least expect it. People who have ordinary jobs can turn out to be amazing singers who deserve to perform on the biggest stages in the world in front of millions of people.
And one of the greatest things about the Internet and the existence of social platforms is the fact that these talented people have a platform where they can showcase their amazing talent with the rest of the world.
If it weren’t for this opportunity, we might never get a chance to get to know amazing singers like the ones you are about to meet by watching the video below. These guys work as contractors, and although they are great at their job, there is something they do even better: and that is singing.
Both men share the same passion for music, and they love to sing their favorite songs with every chance they get – and this includes their breaks on the construction site.
If they ever decide to quite their day jobs and pursue a full time career as singers, we would love to hear more of their performances, wouldn’t you?
For now, feast your ears on this awesome rendition of a Josh Groban classic hit!

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