This 17-Year-Old Girl Can Easily Turn Into Anybody from Vivien Leigh to Audrey Hepburn Using Make-up

All girls like to play dress-up, stand in front of the mirror and pretend, even if just for a second, to be somebody else. Clothes and make-up help us women create new looks every day. With experience, women get a better grasp on how to use make-up to enhance their features, and why not, bring them closer to their beauty ideal. And when it comes to beauty ideals, most women turn to celebrities for inspiration. There are thousands of tutorials online on how to get Kyle Jenner’s lips, Cara Delavigne’s eyebrows and so on, using the power of make-up.
There are some women out there who do a pretty good job recreating the looks of celebrities in Hollywood today. But this is the first time we see a teenager girl who has the incredible ability to turn herself into any retro celebrity you can think of.
Annelies Maria Francine, a 17-year-old Belgian girl, is using her amazing creativity and unique make-up skills to remind people of vintage celebrities. And she’s really good at it!
The girl can turn herself into anybody from Audrey Hepburn to Scarlet O’Hara, and even cartoon characters like Princess Belle. The amount of detail that goes into a single photo is impressive. From the way she does her eyebrows to how she holds her hands, everything must be in perfect sync with the character she is recreating. The result is nothing short of perfect.
She posts all of the looks she creates on her Instagram page, which already has a lot of followers. Here are some of the photos you can find on her Instagram page.
You might need to look twice at some of these pictures to convince yourself you’re actually looking at a 17-year-old girl and not the celebrities she impersonates.
Vivien Leigh


Princess Belle


Flapper Girl


Audrey Hepburn



Anne Frank


1900s Inspired Look


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