15-Year-Old Player Takes Mic to Sing Anthem. Jaws Drop Upon Hearing His Unpredictable Voice

If you ask me, managing to stand out in high school thanks to a special ability or talent that you have is in itself a victory. But having more than one talent? Now that means there’s someone up there who really loves you.
It’s the case of the 15-year-old teen in the video below, and thanks to how social media and the Internet work, his talent is being recognized by thousands of people from all over the world as well – not just his classmates and friends.
You see, high school football player Samuel Keith is not only an accomplished athlete but also an amazing singer. He proved it during one of his team’s games when he took on the role of singing the National Anthem in the beginning of the match.
The whole audience was pleasantly surprised by the young man’s incredible singing voice, even more so considering the fact that Samuel has little experience performing in front of such a large crowd.
There’s no way of knowing what his plans for the future are, but if his career as an athlete no longer appeals to him, he could always become a professional singer. Here’s his performance that left everyone speechless!

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