14-year-old sings Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Judges instantly label him a superstar

The talented boy in the video below is only 14-years old, but you would never be able to guess that just by listening to his voice. That’s because although he has little experience performing on stage, Jack Vidgen sounds like a seasoned singer.
When he entered the stage at Australia’s Got Talent, the judges were surprised to see such a young contestant. But once he started singing, they were all baffled by the boy’s incredible voice. Jack sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” and hit all the right notes. The audience couldn’t believe that the voice they were hearing actually came from this young boy.
Before he entered the stage, though, the boy confessed that it’s not easy for him to perform in front of others and that for a long time he lacked the confidence needed to sing in public. But luckily, his incredible family always supported him and encouraged him to pursue his passion for music and share his God-given gift with others.
His family members were actually the ones who instilled the necessary confidence in him to audition for the talent show.
This is definitely the kind of performance you’ll want to share with others.

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