13-Year-Old Boards Plane Alone, Parents See Video Footage and Never Let Her Fly Alone Again

Most airlines charge parents an additional fee of about $300 to ensure their children are protected when flying unaccompanied. But just how safe kids are when stepping aboard a flight alone?
Well, according to the results by the experiment you are just about to see conducted by Inside Edition, kids are hardly out of danger, despite the additional costs parents are willing to pay to airlines.
You surely remember the case of the 13-year-old girl who took a flight by herself and was sexually assaulted by a stranger sitting beside her. Considering there are as many as 400,000 children flying alone on any given week, this experiment was meant to show just how hard (or easy) it is for someone to approach a minor travelling alone.
The results will shock you! A hidden camera captured everything that happened during the experiment aboard the flight. The flight attendant placed the unaccompanied minor on a seat that allowed her to could keep an eye on her.
However, when a stranger moved seats to be close to the girl, no one from the flight crew noticed that something suspicious was going on. Make sure to share this video so that as many parents as possible find out about this!

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