It’s not easy being a delivery man, especially if you’re carrying fragile or sensitive merchandise. It gets even harder when the stuff you have to carry around is particularly heavy or slippery.
Delivery jobs come with a lot of responsibility. A short moment of not paying attention can make the difference between a successful delivery and a disaster. The clip you are just about to see definitely belongs to the latter category.
This video was posted on YouTube and shows a beer delivery job gone bad – fast. The images show a guy trying to load a bunch of beer cases into his truck, but things don’t go as expected. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of that.
The beer cases start falling one after the other, and the man understandably starts to panic, doing his best to scramble the spilled beer off the ground. Of course, that has no result whatsoever.
In fact, the man actually managed to make matters worse. This was definitely not a good day for the employee in the video below. Hopefully, he didn’t lose his job after these images went viral.
Oh, look at all that beer going to waste…

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